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4th April, 2001
Nods go out to One Dollar Short whose new single Board Game has debuted at #2 on the national alternative charts and #39 on the overall chart. Congrats!
Superheist are setting off around the traps on the back of their new debut album Prize Recruit. Haven't heard the album yet (released 16/4) but the first single, Bullet, absolutely rocks! Catch up with 'em at Newtown RSL on May 4th and Manly Fishos on May 6th.
It seems that At The Drive In are calling it a day - for the time being at least. Six years of touring and recording has left them all a bit worn out so they have reportedly declared an indefinate hiatus - cancelling some US gigs in the process. Relationship Of Command was a seriously kick arse album so fingers crossed they feel like making music again some time soon.
Corrosion Of Conformity and Segression have been announced as the support acts for Pantera's upcoming tour. Tickets go on sale Monday 9th.
Henry Rollins spoken word gig on the 23rd of April has completely sold out, so another date has been set for the following evening (Tuesday 24th, April). Tickets for the second show are already selling fast!
Ska fest coming up on the 7th of April at the Green Square Hotel. Bedlam Beggars, Trojan Horns and The Last Hemeroids plus DJ's Jem and Dazzler. 3pm. $8. Cool.

2nd April, 2001
Strung Out had their fans in a mad panic when their official website announced that Jason Cruz had left the band to pursue his interests in tattooing and illustration fulltime. They strung everyone along before announcing that it was, in fact, merely an April Fools day prank. Thanx guys, the only one that suckered me in this year.
Blink 182
Blink 182 have announced that the title of their sixth album is to be Take Off Your Pants And Jacket and is set for release on June 12th. The boys are in town at the moment and in addition to their Entertainment Centre show on Wednesday they will also be showing up at City Live at Fox Studios to play for Pepsi Live tomorrow (3/4). If you're over 18 give 9959 2228 a call to get your ass in there!
The big news from Epitaph Records this week is that Pennywise have got a new album on the way that is to be titled "Land Of The Free" and is due to be released on June 19th. Stay clicked for more details.

29th March, 2001
Youth Week is here again and the festivities this year are huge. In fact there are far too many events to list. Nitocris are doing the hard yards, appearing at no less than three (count them) gigs! Considering that the Youth Week website doesn't really contain that many details, I'd suggest grabbing this weeks Drum Media to find out what's happening near you.
The Living End
The Living End have been getting heaps of radio airplay of late on the back of the Roll On album but it seems the boys just weren't content with that. Starting on April 2nd you will be able to log in to the bands very own on-line radio station, becoming the first Australian band and only the second in the world (Blur was the first) to launch such a venture. You will be able to find the site at and I know a few people who will be logged on 24/7!
Seminal Aussie Ska band The Allnighters are once again saying farewell. You can catch the last show at Bar Broadway this Saturday night. Special guest DJs for the show are Pete Porker and Steve Rogers.
Are you in a band? Well if you are you might want to check out a new website that is being put together called the point of which is to give new and unsigned bands a bit more exposure. You can find it at here. In my opinion, it's better than Popstars anyday!
Keep an eye out for an upcoming tour by Frenzal Rhomb and the Mad Caddies that kicks off in Queensland on the 2nd of May and goes through to the 14th of July, over 70 shows in all, taking in just about every regional centre you can possibly imagine. Rumour has it that they even got a government grant for the tour! The Mad Caddies are prepared for what is to come, their official website describing it as a "tour that should leave our livers crying for mercy."
Check out the Offshore Website. Despite being a pretty damn cool site they are doing weekly interviews and you can check out what the likes of The Ataris, Superheist and Nokturnal have to say for themselves.

21st March, 2001
One of the godfathers of punk, Joey Ramone, is battling lymphoma in a New York hospital. Arturo Vega, a spokesman for Joey, told a New York newspaper that "He's doing better and better." A&GT wish Joey all the best and a speedy recovery.
The 6th annual Hardcore Superbowl is just around the corner. This year the bands strapping on the body armour include The Last Hemeroids, Deadstare, WWXXIV, Irrelevant, Sewer Cider and heaps more. It's on the 31st of March starting at 3pm at The Green Square Hotel and tickets are $12.
Token Metal Guy is bouncing all around the A&GT offices like a born again Christian on Prozac. Britains masters of shock/schlock metal, Cradle Of Filth, are on the way to our shores in April. They'll be playing The Roundhouse at NSW Uni on the 26th of April, tickets going on sale this Friday.
More BIG news for the metalheads. According to their official website Pantera will be touring Australia in May this year! They are booked in to play the Hordern Pavilion on the 15th and Newcastle Entertainment Centre on the 16th. The kick ass metal tour of the year? Perhaps.
Appearing over two nights at The Annandale Hotel on the 5th and 6th of April is a big Nirvana tribute. What's so special about that? Well firstly it's an all-star line up featuring Mick Hart, Front End Loader, Knievel, Oblivia, Deadly Nightshades, Peabody and many, many more, and secondly it's beautifully titled "Hey, Nice Shot Man." Hmmm. Are Kurt's hardcore fans happy about that one? I think not.

20th March, 2001
To coincide with the release of Superheists new single 'Bullet' the good people over at Whammo are giving away a couple of Superheist pirze packs which include, amongst other things, a fully signed poster. Entries close April 2nd so head over to Whammo and enter here.
The Ataris
The Ataris are headed this way once again and have already booked 'em in for a bit of a chat. Start thinking of your questions now and log into on April 11th at 7pm.

It is starting to seem like the place to be at this years Offshore Festival is at the Shed Stage. The lineup looks like this: Suicidal Tendencies, The Mark of Cain, The Hellacopters, The Ataris, Nokturnl, Superheist, H Block 101, Gameover, Another Race and One Dollar Short. But don't forget to duck over to the Live Lounge Big Top to catch the Nippon Ramones show that is Mach Pelican!
There's gonna be two HUGE punk shows on the 28th of April at the Green Square Hotel featuring Seraphs Coal, Mainstay, The Mad Dash, Us Versus Them, Never Pay Retail and Second Best. The first is all ages, the second 18+. Click here to check out the details.

17th March, 2001
New on the Epitaph Records website this week is heaps of new, free Guttermouth stuff. Firstly get yourself a Guttermouth wallpaper for your computer here, then go here to watch a four minute short film featuring said band, and then dart over here to download 'Can I Borrow Some Ambition' in MP3 form from 'Covered With Ants'! And if that's not enough then duck over to their official website and see what else you can dig up.
One Dollar Short
One Dollar Short have been doing some good stuff on Triple J with their new single 'Board Game', but they are demanding bastards and want MORE VOTES! Help shut them up by voting for the song in the Net 50 by clickinghere
The guys over at Fat Wreck are palming off a free Me First And The Gimme Gimmes E-Card for you to annoy your friends with. Get yours here
They're back after the now infamous chicken kickin' incident that got them into no end of grief at the Excellsior Hotel in Surry Hills, Pants will be playing at the Cat and Fiddle in Balmain on Saturday the 30th of March with Fendahlene and Windowbox. They promise that this time there will be absolutely no poultry involved what-so-ever. For more info check out their official website

16th March, 2001
You may well have noticed that the news page has been a bit neglected of late; this is the first post in over a month! The reasons for this are many and varied. Lets just say that the news has taken a bit of a backseat during our renovations. You understand, don't you? I knew you would...
Killing Heidi
A wave of Australian bands are storming through America at the moment, and I gotta say, it's bloody good to see! Powderfinger are doing big business over there, just having been added to the playlist of 80+ American radio stations, as well as appearing on the David Letterman show. The Living End are another to get a gernsey on the Late Show with big things happening o/s for these guys as well. Killing Heidi are on their 2nd U.S. tour with the song Mascara getting heaps of airplay, then they head over to Japan for some gigs there before settling down to record the follow up album to Reflector. And Frenzal Rhomb's Shut Your Mouth is about to get released in America, Canada, Europe, Japan and South America through Fat Wreck on the 19th of March, with big results expected - especially in the States. The boys are currently touring through Europe before returning home for some gigs with Softball. Oh, and Madison Avenue recently got the number one position on the U.S. Billboard dance charts. I know you wanted to know that.
Anyone who has Optus Television should tune in to MTV on the Saturday the 17th of March (TOMORROW!) to see Living End play live at the Chapel. Set your VCRs now!
Here are a couple of upcoming gigs to keep you excited... BODYJAR 16/3 Newtown RSL, 17/3 Manly Youth Centre, 18/3 Manly Fishos. ONE DOLLAR SHORT 18/3 Caringbar Bizzos (plus the national support for the upcoming Ataris tour). PORKERS 23/3 Manly Fishos, 24+25/3 Joe's Garage Gosford. SUPERHEIST 4/4 Manly Fishos, 5/4 Newtown RSL.
Machine Gun Fellatio were recently banned from playing shows at what you would think would be a reasonably open minded kinda place - Melbourne University! The band were labelled as homophobic and sexist. Anyone even vaguely farmiliar with MGF would probably be reading this tilting their head to the side like a confused dog, raising an eyebrow and saying "What?!?" Well, it's true. Censorship is like a vomit stain on a white marble floor and anyone who gives a damn should pin a blue ribbon to whatever body-part you feel is most appropriate and get along to support MGF in their upcoming shows: 23/3 Manning Bar (Sydney Uni), 24/3 Caringbah Bizzos, 31/3 Manly Fishos (It may be your last chance!)
Hey! I've just got some CRANK info for you. Occams Razor is the second and long awaited CD from Crank on Onefoot Records. This CD is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Stomp. Catchy melodies, a hard edged guitar sound, impressive drumming and distinctive vocal harmonies fill this CD from start to finish. Release date for Occams Razor is March 27th 2001. For a sneak preview of some of the tracks from Occams; Go to the Crank website. URL is
The Sydney Harbour cruise for Sunday 18th March has been postponed to the 1st APRIL. The cost is only $15 bucks, a six pack nearly costs that! For your six pack you get: 3 bands: Crank, Silencer Seven and Powderkeg from Newcastle. This cruise is a promotion for the new compilation CD: "Time to Launch" and is sponsored by primary clothing & skateboards and there will be giveaways and heaps of prizes. You get an afternoon on the harbour, three sick punk bands and food is available on board. There is a bar for drinks and if you have ID or look old there will be alcohol for sale - duh. This we be an awesome day and we are planning on making it very memorable. There could be nudes even.. Tickets are only $15, and we will deliver them any where in the country.
Meanwhile; continuing the support for "Time to Launch", CRANK, Silencer Seven, Powderkeg + support will be playing at "Downstairs" at the Maroubra Hotel on the Saturday the 17th March. There will be a nude skanking (or near-nude if you're scared) competition and the winner receives 2 tickets for the harbour cruise on the first! See you there clothed or not. Thanks!
Oh, yeah... If you can handle listening to Triple M FM, they're having a Greenday weekend... Should be, um... "wicked maaaate!"